Money-saving, green solar heated water


Solar Hot Water = Cold Cash Savings

When you have Maloney Plumbing install a solar water heating system.

  • Reduce your water heating bills by more than 50%
  • Save with federal, state and SRP and APS incentives
  • Go green by reducing your use of your electric or gas water heater

The Dark Ages of Costly Hot Water
If you have a standard tank heater tucked away in a dark corner of your home, heating water consumes up to one fifth of your energy budget. It's time to bring hot water into the light of day - and get rid of those hot water bills.

Here Comes the Sun - and Big Savings
The Valley of the Sun gets about 330 days of sunshine per year. Put that energy to work for you - for free - when you have Maloney Plumbing install a solar water heating system. There has never been a better time to go solar. With Federal and State incentives, plus rebates from SRP & APS, your new solar water heater costs less to install than a tank water heater! Plus you save on utility bills every month.

Dawn of a New Day for Solar Heating
IIf solar water heating conjures up images of clunky coils cluttering up your rooftop, well, that's all changed. Today's solar systems are sleek, efficient and safe - and they work in tandem with your existing tank heater for those few days that the sun doesn't shine on us.

Live in a HOA Neighborhood? Your Right to Solar
In today's energy conscious communities, there is little resistance to placing solar devices on your roof. However, your right to solar is also the law. Senate Bill 1254, enacted in July 2007, stipulates that a homeowners association may not prohibit the installation or use of solar-energy devices. An association may adopt reasonable rules regarding the placement of a solar device if those rules do not prevent the installation of the device, restrict its use, or adversely affect the cost or efficiency of the device. The bill also grants reasonable attorney fees to any party who substantially prevails in litigation against an association's board of directors.

Wait Not, Want Not
Call Maloney Plumbing today and you could be saving money on your hot water bill just days from now - while you protect yourself from rising energy costs in the future. Put the sun to work for you creating an endless source of free hot water for your home.

This is life as it should be.

*Important Notes
This is an example of a basic install, prices may vary.
You need to apply for SRP/APS Rebate before installation; you will receive your SRP/APS Rebate after 1st year.
Tax Credits are valid for installation through December 31, 2009. Tax Credits apply when filing taxes for year of installation.
SRCC energy savings: (50 Gal - 2504 KWH)(80 Gal - 2639 KWH) at approximately 10/KWH.

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