Safe, clean, tasty water for your family


Your Tasteful Solution for Pure, Healthy Water

With a Reverse Osmosis filtration system installed by Maloney Plumbing.

  • Crystal clear, better tasting water directly from your tap
  • Pure and healthy, free from harmful contaminants
  • Less expensive than buying bottled water

What You see Isn't What You Get
Cool, crystal clear, delicious water is the source of life and health. Unfortunately, it can also be the source of unhealthy contaminants that you, and your family, don't want. These include toxic heavy metals, pesticides, pollutants, as well as biological pathogens, like bacteria and viruses. Even the chlorine that your water department adds to disinfect your water creates harmful byproducts, such as chloroform and carcinogenic trihalomethanes.

Then there's the taste. You know, that musty odor left by molds that grow in our water here. It won't hurt you, but shouldn't water taste good, as well as be good for you?

Good Taste, Good Health, Better Price
Here in the desert, we drink plenty of water - eight glasses a day is considered healthy. At those amounts, bottled water is prohibitive in cost. In fact, many water companies use the same filtration systems you can have installed under your sink to purify city water - and then sell it to you at huge profits. Plus you get plastic molecules along with your "purified" water.

So why not ensure your family's health and have great tasting water right from your tap, all at pennies per gallon? With a home RO system installed by Maloney Plumbing.

Wait Not, Want Not
Call Maloney Plumbing today and you could be drinking delicious, safe, affordable water from your own tap within days. Coffee, tea, juices and all beverages that you make with water will taste better, too.

This is life as it should be.

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