Tankless water heater for long showers


Go With the Flow
and the flow, and the flow...

When you have Maloney Plumbing install an endless hot water system.

  • Always have enough hot water for all your needs
  • Precisely control your temperature for safety and comfort
  • Save money with lower energy costs

Move from a Cold Awakening
You have scant minutes to grab a shower, get the dishwasher and laundry going... and get going yourself. Only problem is, someone beat you to the shower and, boy, does he like long ones. You can't shower with the washers going, so you jump in, wait for the hot water, and... Brrrr! As for the dishes and the laundry? Those will have to happen this evening. Oh, no, you need those clothes... Time to set limits on showers!

To Hot Water for All
That's life with an old-fashioned tank water heater. Now let's try the same morning with an endless hot water system. While he's showering, you start the washers. No screams from the bathroom because there's plenty of water for all. Including you, when he's finally done. So you get clean wash, clean dishes and your very warm escape from it all. Peace reigns in your home.

Cool Savings on Endless Hot Water
Your tank water heater heats 40 - 80 gallons at a time, then reheats the same water over and over until you need it - at which time there's rarely enough. So you pay too much for too little, wasting energy and cash. A tankless water heater heats your water once - exactly when you need it, for as long as you need it. So you get endless hot water from every faucet in your home, delivered at exact temperatures that you set from conveniently placed digital panels. While you save up to $200 or more a year in energy costs.

Wait Not, Want Not
Call Maloney Plumbing today and you could be in hot water heaven just days from now. Imagine limitless baths, enough hot water for every appliance in your home, precisely controlled temperatures that are safe for children and seniors, plus energy and water bill savings.

This is life as it should be.

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