Peace of Mind Service Agreement
Your pipes, drains, shut-off valves and other plumbing fixtures are not something that you generally think about - until something goes wrong. And usually, when something leaks, clogs or malfunctions, it does so in a hurry - and at the most inconvenient time. So you end up making a rush call to the plumber at midnight, or an hour before your guests arrive.

We like to say that service is the preventive care of plumbing. That's why we offer our customers the benefits of our "Peace of Mind" service agreement that includes a 16-point inspection of your plumbing, so we can catch potential problems before they become real ones.

Become a Maloney Member and you'll save 10% or more on plumbing services. Plus, you'll get priority scheduling when you call. Smoothly functioning plumbing also saves you money in reduced water and utility bills.

Only $99 provides you with peace of mind, priority service and significant savings for one year. (Should you decide to move, your coverage is transferable to your new home, or to your buyer.) Call us today to schedule your free 16-point inspection and sign up for your Peace of Mind Service Agreement. We're looking forward to serving you.

The Maloney "Peace of Mind" 16 Point Safety Inspection
  1. Dye test toilets
  2. Test performance on all faucets
  3. Check exposed water lines
  4. Check sink pipes
  5. Check condition of drains
  6. Check washing machine hoses
  7. Check hose bibs for leaks
  8. Check emergency shut-off valves
  9. Check water heater for gas leaks
  10. Check water heater for water leaks
  11. Check drain valve
  12. Check relief valve
  13. Check vent draft
  14. Check flue pipe
  15. Clean pilot safety device
  16. Check water pressure
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